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LMN has a New Update! – July 2014 Release Notes

LMN Release Notes for July 2014 Update

LMN Time New Feature: Add Forgotten Employees to Timesheet

Adding a (forgotten) employee to a timesheet that has already been completed was an unnecessarily inconvenient task. For construction jobs, it was simple enough, but for maintenance timesheets, it involved adding the employee to each and every job on the timesheet one at a time. No small feat if your crew hit 15-20 sites that day…

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NOTICE: LMN Will be down for a Scheduled Update July 28th 9-12PM EST

Starting at 9pm EST and going to approximately 12PM EST on Monday July 28th, LMN will be down for a new update. Update notes will be posted following the update to update our users.

LMN TIME NOTE: LMN Time will be updated and crews will be unable to clock in/out during the scheduled downtime. However, LMN Time will get highest priority during this update and we expect LMN Time downtime to be less than 30-60 min. Don’t forget, crews can always edit their time afterwards to make any necessary adjustments to their timesheets if needed.

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Paperless Snow Tracking and Jobcosting Made Easy Seminar

It’s 1am and the snow’s coming down heavy. It’s all hands on deck as you battle the elements, people, traffic, and random raised sewers and black ice patches. Then your equipment breaks down and salt prices double… if you can get it. And while all this is going on, you need to keep excellent records, pay your staff and subs, service your customers, and still make money. This course won’t fix everything, but it will show you a way to a much more efficient and a profitable snow business. In this course you’ll learn:
- How to setup your accounting for better profitability tracking
- How to setup smart phones to replace snow logs and binders and how to save hundreds of hours of paper-pushing
- How to jobcost your snow contracts with minimal effort and mistakes
- And how to see exactly how much profit was left using your accounting software! (Quickbooks will be used for demonstration purposes)

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Snow Budgeting and Estimating Seminar

Learn the ins and outs of planning for the unpredictable snow season. In this workshop, you’ll build a snow budget for your company, learn what your equipment truly costs, and develop a pricing system that recovers your costs, your equipment, your overhead and a fair profit. Using your company’s own numbers, you’ll leave with

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LMN Sales and Support will be closed Tuesday July 1 for Canada Day

LMN Sales and Support will be closed on Tuesday July 1, 2014 for the Canada Day stat holiday. If you need any assistance or have any questions feel free to email us at support@golmn.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members, and an early Happy Fourth of July to our great neighbours to the south.   LMN sales and support will be back open on Wednesday July 2 at 8AM EST.

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LMN QB Sync Update Released! June 2014

LMN Release Notes for June 2014 Update

We’ve just released an important update for all LMN Quickbooks Sync users. We’ve made some major improvements to the speed and convenience of the LMN Sync tool… but at a small price. You will have to upgrade to the new version of LMN QB Sync in order to continue exporting your data to Quickbooks. We’ve made every possible effort in the past to make updates optional, but this particular update has some critical new functionality that forces our hand. You’ll need to update to the latest and greatest to continue using the LMN QB Sync.

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Measure Sites On Estimates – LMN Tip

Measure Site Areas With A Click of Your Mouse

Today’s LMN Tip and Trick will be showing you how to use our new tool to measure site areas when you’re doing your landscape estimates.

Lets get started:
1) Login into your LMN account by navigating to http://my.golmn.com/lmn
2) Open any one of your landscape estimates – either construction or maintenance (service) type.  Your estimate must have a valid address to open to the correct map.
3) Once you are in the estimate click the Map/Measure Site button as seen below.

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