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GIE Tradeshow Speech – How to Get Jobs Done on Time, on Budget [Mark Bradley]


How to Get Jobs Done on Time, on Budget

October 22 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Mark Bradley, President, TBG Landscape and the Landscape Management Network

With all the focus on time studies, site measurement, and dialing in your estimates, many companies have lost focus on what really counts when it comes to profit: finishing your jobs on time and on budget. Every hour/day over budget is not just increased costs, but it’s also hours and days of lost capacity for more sales. Join Mark as he explains the simple secrets to his landscape company’s industry-leading productivity numbers and how work flows from the original design or contract right through to the final invoice.

– Attendees will leave this session with:
– Ideas + systems to setup and plan jobs before they start
– Ways to teach order of operations and job staging
– A system to setup estimates for simple job costing with no extra time/effort
– Ways to make staff care enough to make it actually happen

ALSO join LMN at their booth (#10212) at GIE for more information or to demo our systems and our Mobile Timetracking Solution.

Setting up Snow Contracts In LMN’s Timesheet App

Love it or hate it, snow is just around the corner.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get yourself ready – or you’re going to be faced with another year buried under paperwork.

Go paperless with LMN Time for your snow operations.  Track employee time, GPS locations, salt applications, weather, equipment notes, site notes, site maps and more – all in the same application and all without any paperwork… To learn how, we’ve put together a series of videos to help  with all of the above and more.


Snowplow Timesheet App

Click the image above to check out our LMN Time for Snow videos

MLP Business Seminar, Workshops & BBQ

Common Problems… Simple Solutions

MARK BRADLEY, President of TBG Landscape and Landscape Management Network in Brooklin, Ontario Canada, was a huge hit at New England Grows this year.
He returns to Massachusetts by popular demand to deliver even more of his practical business tips. Mark will guide landscape professionals through ten simple systems that solve problems limiting the potential of so many landscape businesses. You’ll learn how Mark’s company sets up accounting systems, builds a plan for profit, calculates the right price for every job, and creates an environment where employees are inspired to think, act, and be rewarded like owners.

FULL DAY – Business Seminar, Workshops & BBQ
$79 MLP Members
$109 Non-Members
12:30 – 7 p.m.

HALF DAY – Workshops & BBQ
3:30 – 7 p.m.
$39 MLP Members
$59 Non-Members

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LMN has a New Update! – July 2014 Release Notes

LMN Release Notes for July 2014 Update

LMN Time New Feature: Add Forgotten Employees to Timesheet

Adding a (forgotten) employee to a timesheet that has already been completed was an unnecessarily inconvenient task. For construction jobs, it was simple enough, but for maintenance timesheets, it involved adding the employee to each and every job on the timesheet one at a time. No small feat if your crew hit 15-20 sites that day…

So to make it easier, we’ve added the ability to add a new employee to an existing timesheet by copying an existing employee’s hours. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the timesheet on which you wish to add the new employee
2. Make sure the timesheet is set to In Progress (if it’s already been Submitted/Approved)
3. Click the Manage Crew button (it looks like 2 heads in the bottom task bar)


4. On the following screen, click the Add Employee button


5. The next screen will show you two drop down boxes. In the 1st box, select the employee you wish to add to this timesheet. In the 2nd box, select the employee whose time you wish to replicate for the new employee.


6. Click the Save button (the disk) to save this change.
7. Confirm you wish to add this employee on the prompt screen that follows
8. Click the Back button in the app bar menu (the left button on the bottom of the screen) to return to your timesheet.

That’s it. The new employee’s time will be added using all the same clock ins and clock outs as the employee whose time you copied. Make any minor adjustments now (if necessary).

LMN Time New Feature: Tasks Can Be Excluded from Overtime

Until now, there was no way to track sick/vacation time in LMN Time without those hours counting towards an employee’s overtime totals.

That ends with this update, as we’ve added a new field on tasks that allows you to exclude hours on a task from overtime calculations.

Now you can track payable, non-working hours by setting up company job(s) for sick time, vacation time, etc. (note: you only need to set these up if these hours are paid time)

1. Create a new job with your company as the ‘customer’. Call the job “Paid Benefits” or something like that
2. Create tasks for Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay etc. as required
3. Make sure to tick the Exclude from Overtime calculations checkbox to ON if these hours do not count towards overtime calculations (they don’t count in most states/provinces)
4. Save your task
5. Make sure the PAYROLL ITEMS for the job are set to use Sick Time, Holiday Time etc. if you have specific payroll items for those hours in your payroll software
6. Save your job

Now, when your employee needs to have hours entered for any paid benefit hours, clock them in to that job. For instance, if the employee is eligible for 8 hours pay for a day off, clock the employee in from 8am to 4pm (or any time that totals 8 hours) and they will be paid accordingly.


LMN Time New Feature: Export Job List to a Spreadsheet

A few users requested the ability to export all their job information (job names, addresses, client info, etc.) into Excel Spreadsheet format. That new feature has been added in this build.

1. Go to Reports
2. Click the Jobs tab on the report screen
3. Run the report called Job List (Excel Format)


LMN Time New Feature: Paychex Preview Integration

In response to significant demand for Paychex integration, we’ve created two export file formats that will export time and payroll information out of LMN Time and into Paychex. If you’d like more information on how to integrate, you might need to talk to a representative at Paychex. Email us at support@golmn.com if you need any help in this direction.

1. Go to Reports
2. Click the Exports tab on the report screen
3. Run the reports called Payroll Export (Paychex) or Jobs Table (Paychex)


LMN Time New Feature: Renew Jobs

This release also includes the ability to renew existing jobs. This feature comes in handy for multi-year contracts. Renew jobs creates a brand new job with all the information contained in the old job. This way, however, all your time and billing information gets reset to zero, and you can start tracking the next year’s jobs with a fresh slate. It’s critical for separating year over year time data on a job.

1. Click the Jobs tab
2. Use the checkboxes on the left side to select the job(s) you wish to renew (it may help to filter your list by Job Group)
3. Click the Renew Jobs button in the bottom task bar


4. Choose the options you wish to apply when renewing the job
a. Add Suffix – use this to auto-add a suffix (e.g. 2015) to the end of all job names
b. Generate New JobIDs – turning this option ON will auto-generate a new JobID for all renewed jobs. Turn this option off to use the same JobID as the previous job
c. Update Job Groups – Turn this option ON to automatically remove the old job from any job groups and replace it with the renewed job
d. Link to new QB Jobs – Turn this option ON to link this job to a new job in Quickbooks (recommended ON. This will create a new job in Quickbooks so you can do jobcosting on the job for a specific year). Turn this option off to leave the renewed job linked to any existing QB jobs


LMN Estimating New Feature: New Reports for Service Estimates

Two new proposal layouts for service estimates are available (by popular request!). These estimates show a seasonal total for all services labelled as Per Season (i.e. the individual prices for each service aren’t shown, just the total).

Any services flagged as Per Visit or Per Hour/Unit are shown at the end of the proposal under the Contract Enhancements section. Prices are shown for each.

These reports are available in the proposal list under the names:

  • Proposal – Show Monthly Payment Only – only shows the per payment total (does not show the total price for the whole season)
  • Proposal – Show Seasonal Total Only – shows the seasonal total, as well as the total per payment


LMN Time Improvement – Better Warnings for Timesheet Mistakes

In an effort to reduce mistakes where two foreman have tracked the same employee on 2 different timesheets, we’ve added a new color-coded warning flag on the Payroll Warnings tab on the Timesheets screen

1. Click the Timesheets tab
2. Click Payroll Warnings
3. Select the week you wish to review
4. If an employee appears on multiple timesheets on that date, or there is any overlap in time between two timesheets, a warning flag will appear…


We strongly recommend your office staff reviews Payroll Warnings daily, or at least weekly to spot any possible timesheet errors that may have occurred between different timesheets on the same date.

LMN Time Improvement – Internal Notes Added

We have added a feature to each job in LMN Time, the ability to now add internal notes to each job. These will NOT show up for your crews clocking in.

1. Open a job in LMN Time.
2. Click Notes on the Left.
3. Enter your notes and hit save in the bottom right.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.43.48 AM


Download Release Notes

Click the button to the right to download these release notes in PDF format.


NOTICE: LMN Will be down for a Scheduled Update July 28th 9-12PM EST

Starting at 9pm EST and going to approximately 12PM EST on Monday July 28th, LMN will be down for a new update. Update notes will be posted following the update to update our users.

LMN TIME NOTE: LMN Time will be updated and crews will be unable to clock in/out during the scheduled downtime. However, LMN Time will get highest priority during this update and we expect LMN Time downtime to be less than 30-60 min. Don’t forget, crews can always edit their time afterwards to make any necessary adjustments to their timesheets if needed.


Paperless Snow Tracking and Jobcosting Made Easy Seminar

It’s 1am and the snow’s coming down heavy. It’s all hands on deck as you battle the elements, people, traffic, and random raised sewers and black ice patches. Then your equipment breaks down and salt prices double… if you can get it. And while all this is going on, you need to keep excellent records, pay your staff and subs, service your customers, and still make money. This course won’t fix everything, but it will show you a way to a much more efficient and a profitable snow business. In this course you’ll learn:
– How to setup your accounting for better profitability tracking
– How to setup smart phones to replace snow logs and binders and how to save hundreds of hours of paper-pushing
– How to jobcost your snow contracts with minimal effort and mistakes
– And how to see exactly how much profit was left using your accounting software! (Quickbooks will be used for demonstration purposes)

Who should attend?
Owners, bookkeepers/financial managers, snow operations managers
NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring laptops with accounting software installed (this is optional, but preferred). LMN Time will be used to demonstrate the electronic timetracking and snow log

LO member price: $125.00
Non-member price: $240.00

When: August 7th 2014, 9AM to 3:30PM
Where: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S, Milton, ON L9T 2X8

Register Now

Snow Budgeting and Estimating Seminar

Learn the ins and outs of planning for the unpredictable snow season. In this workshop, you’ll build a snow budget for your company, learn what your equipment truly costs, and develop a pricing system that recovers your costs, your equipment, your overhead and a fair profit. Using your company’s own numbers, you’ll leave with

– A snow operating budget, benchmarked against similar companies, that will help you make profitable decisions

– A pricing system which will show you what you need to charge, and how much you’re truly making, on your snow and ice work

Who Should Attend?
Owners, estimators and bookkeepers/financial managers

IMPORTANT: Please see www.golmn.com/workshop-preparation/ for a quick video and checklist on what to prepare for this seminar. It only takes 15 minutes and is critical to your success.

REQUIREMENTS: Participants must bring a laptop. This is the LMN Snow Budgeting and Estimating seminar. Companies who have taken the LMN seminar in previous years are welcome back to create a snow budget for this winter, but note that this seminar will be similar to previous budgeting and estimating workshops.

LO member price: $125.00
Non-member price: $240.00

Date: July 29th 2014, 9AM to 3:30PM
Where: Landscape Ontario, 7856 5th Line S, Milton, ON L9T 2X8

Register Now

LMN Sales and Support will be closed Tuesday July 1 for Canada Day

LMN Sales and Support will be closed on Tuesday July 1, 2014 for the Canada Day stat holiday. If you need any assistance or have any questions feel free to email us at support@golmn.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members, and an early Happy Fourth of July to our great neighbours to the south.   LMN sales and support will be back open on Wednesday July 2 at 8AM EST.