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Never guess at a price again.

LMN gives you landscape estimating software that takes the guesswork out of pricing landscape work. Driven by your company’s operating budget, LMN ensures every landscape estimate or bid is priced right, by every estimator in your company. Cost calculators ensure your prices cover the job costs, overhead, and profit specific to your company.


The latest addition to our Timekeeping module. The smartest scheduling tool in the green industry, LMN’s schedule uses man hours, crew size, recurring date patterns, a drag-and-drop virtual whiteboard and more to build monthly, weekly and daily plans for better productivity and profit.

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We take the paper (and the work) out of daily timesheet paperwork.

Timesheets should be about more than payroll. LMN’s mobile timesheet app for landscape contractors tracks:

  • Employee time for payroll
  • Job times for tracking and real-time estimate vs. actual hour monitoring
  • GPS locations for verification of clock in/out times
  • Billable services performed while on site
  • … and much more

Don’t just pay your employees, build a more accountable, more productive company with LMN Time.


Save hundreds of hours a year with our Quickbooks integration.

You’ve built your estimates and tracked your time… now get it into Quickbooks at the click of a mouse. LMN’s Quickbook export pushes estimates and timesheets into Quickbooks for instant invoicing, payroll and jobcosting. Every paycheck hour is assigned to the job it was worked, meaning you’ll not only pay your staff correctly, you’ll see – to the penny – exactly what you spent on wages on every job you’ve worked.

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Landscape Estimating + Timetracking Software

Landscape Management Network is the fastest growing landscape estimating software in the landscape industry, and is used by thousands of users across the globe.

LMN is more than just landscape estimating software… we own/operate one of North America’s top-100 landscape companies. The budgeting software, estimating software, mobile timesheet software and forms library were all developed + built to ensure we were running a profitable landscape company. Now, those very same systems we develop for our business are yours to use in your business through the Landscape Management Network.

Landscape Management Network helps landscape companies with:

  • landscape estimating software that ensures every job is priced right, for profit
  • landscape timesheet software for paperless payroll and jobcosting
  • a Quickbooks sync with instant customer, job, estimate and timesheet integration

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