No more guessing

Let us show you how simple it is to run a profit driven landscape company on more than guesswork.

Supercharge your landscape company’s efficiency with our mobile landscape estimating and timesheet software.

Landscape Estimating Software

Never guess at another price again. Our mobile estimating software uses your company’s financials to ensure profitable pricing no matter who is estimating the job.

Mobile Timesheet Software

Say goodbye to paper timesheets forever. Crews use smart phones to clock in/out, and everyone shares a real-time scoreboard of estimated vs. actual hours.

Exports to Quickbooks

No more wasted hours typing data into Quickbooks. LMN’s estimates and timekeeping records export directly to Quickbooks for instant estimates/invoices and payroll/jobcosting.

LMN Time

Cloud Based Estimating Software

LMN’s landscape estimating software will help you close more deals, faster. From the office, home, or even your customer’s kitchen table, you will build and revise profitable proposals in minutes and you’ll never be more confident in your pricing.

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Mobile Timesheet Software

Let your crews use LMN’s mobile timesheet software to track their hours on their smartphone, while you, your managers and your foremen share live job progress and hours information. Get an up-to-the-minute report on every job, all at once, with our live, estimated vs. actual hours tracking and reporting.

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LMN Time
Quickbooks Sync

Syncs Estimates + Payroll to Quickbooks

Overhead staff should be planning + managing work, not spending mindless time entering data. Our Quickbooks sync instantly pushes estimates and timesheets into your Quickbooks company file for perfect paychecks and hands-free, to-the-minute jobcosting for all your jobs.

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Forms + Online Training

Policies, procedures, checklists, templates, all built by some of the top landscape companies in the industry are yours to download and customize as needed. It’s like getting handed the keys to a franchise without any of the fees.

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LMN Time

“LMN’s tools helped me teach the rest of my company to avoid the costly lessons i’ve learned over the past 40 years.” – Dave Murray, LMN Member

Landscape Estimating + Timetracking Software

Landscape Management Network is the fastest growing landscape estimating software in the landscape industry, and is used by thousands of users across the globe.

LMN is more than just landscape estimating software… we own/operate one of North America’s top-100 landscape companies. The budgeting software, estimating software, mobile timesheet software and forms library were all developed + built to ensure we were running a profitable landscape company. Now, those very same systems we develop for our business are yours to use in your business through the Landscape Management Network.

Landscape Management Network helps landscape companies with:

  • landscape estimating software that ensures every job is priced right, for profit
  • landscape timesheet software for paperless payroll and jobcosting
  • a Quickbooks sync with instant customer, job, estimate and timesheet integration
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